Sentido Earring

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The expression "The world goes round" and the multiple and infinite spiral and sinuous shapes are the source of inspiration for the new Maria Dolores collection. Sculptural jewels that sometimes appear with their well-defined spirals, sometimes more abstract, in interesting zigzags, to meet the most diverse styles and enchant with their singular beauty. As well as the Earring Sentido Metal Maria Dolores, a maxi earring plated in gold or black rhodium that translates into its sinuous shape the whole concept of the collection "The World Goes Around". The earring has its design half in metal and the other half coated in Black Resin, as if it were a break in the way, bringing lightness to the piece with its curvatures that wrap around, leaving the straight line and finding the curves. Just as life is, no one always walks in a straight line, we go through several moments of ups and downs.
A bold design earring that goes up in the ear and wears it very elegantly. A timeless piece, with a lot of presence, that has the power to transform and impact on your combinations, whether in everyday life or on special occasions.
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The collection Maria Dolores: The World Goes Around

"One day you understand that love goes back to the sender.
May the kindness cast meet you again, soon after.
How good it is to live without fear of the law of return.
Because nothing here is forever, but everything is for you.
That which you emanate, in the end, also surrounds you. Gradually you learn that life surprises in moments.
What yesterday seemed distant, tomorrow may be within reach.
He learns that we are moments, and from fragments our route is made.
And it's okay to redesign the path, challenging fate is part of it.
Moving with purity and purpose is what drives you forward. "

  • Dimensions: 3.5cm x 6.2cm
  • Weight: 14g each
  • SKU: MD2077


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