is a jewelry and accessories brand born in 2021 here in the USA. Bringing charm and beauty to women's lives through our unique high quality pieces full of innovation in line with fashion trends. We inspire our customers through elegance, finesse, and differentiated service bringing modern pieces for the modern woman. Our carefully selected materials ensure the best jewelry quality possible, hence we use Rhodium or 18k gold, and our Zirconia (CZ) stones are placed very meticulously to prevent the stones from falling out. It's safe to say that we put immense love and care into creating jewelry to last a lifetime! Wherever life takes you, DG ARMOIRE jewelry can accompany you

Meet Debora Guimaraes.

Born and raised in Brazil, my childhood consisted of a big loving family, lots of trips to the beach, and tropical weather fashion. Fashion has always been my passion. Over the years, I have tried many different retail positions in fine jewelry companies, but none of those companies were "the one". Now, I reside in South Florida and decided to create DG ARMOIRE so I could bring to you what I was missing: quality affordable jewelry to the US. Nothing makes me happier than bringing you beautiful and chic jewelry for you to take a #selfie with confidence. Thanks for visiting our website and come back again. Xoxo Debora