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Arielle EarringArielle Earring
Arielle Earring
Sale price$110.00
Baby RingBaby Ring
Baby Ring
Sale price$90.00
Bol Faceted EarringBol Faceted Earring
Bol Faceted Earring
Sale price$88.00
Camila RingCamila Ring
Camila Ring
Sale price$50.00
Charlene Riviera NecklaceCharlene Riviera Necklace
Charlene Riviera Necklace
Sale price$145.00
Crystal Earrings
Crystal Earrings
Sale price$45.00
Encaixe EarringEncaixe Earring
Encaixe Earring
Sale price$249.00
Mariah RingMariah Ring
Mariah Ring
Sale price$30.00


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Elo's Pave BraceletElo's Pave Bracelet
Elo's Pave Bracelet
Sale price$144.90
Elos Pave EarringsElos Pave Earrings
Elos Pave Earrings
Sale price$115.90
Lala RingLala Ring
Lala Ring
Sale price$35.90
Fascinio Hoop Earrings and PiercingsFascinio Hoop Earrings and Piercings
Fascinio Hoop Earrings and Piercings
Sale price$44.90
Sensational ChokerSensational Choker
Sensational Choker
Sale price$132.90
Gomos Bracelet
Gomos Bracelet
Sale price$134.90
Gomos Hoop EarringsGomos Hoop Earrings
Gomos Hoop Earrings
Sale price$99.90
Dunas BraceletDunas Bracelet
Dunas Bracelet
Sale price$149.90
Dunas Mini Hoop EarringsDunas Mini Hoop Earrings
Dunas Mini Hoop Earrings
Sale price$93.90
Dunas Hoop EarringsDunas Hoop Earrings
Dunas Hoop Earrings
Sale price$99.90
Dunas RingDunas Ring
Dunas Ring
Sale price$54.90
Farol BraceletFarol Bracelet
Farol Bracelet
Sale price$130.90

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