Unveiling the Elegance of DG Armoire: Established in 2021 in the USA, is a jewelry and accessories brand that enhances the charm and beauty of women's lives with its high-quality, unique pieces. These items, full of innovation, align with the latest fashion trends, inspiring customers with their elegance and finesse. The brand is known for its differentiated service and modern designs, catering to the contemporary woman. DG ARMOIRE prioritizes quality in every piece, using Rhodium or 18k gold and meticulously setting Zirconia (CZ) stones to ensure durability. This careful attention to detail reflects the brand's commitment to creating jewelry that not only lasts a lifetime but also accompanies women in every journey of life.

Behind the Brilliance: Debora Guimarães, the Creative Force of DG Armoire.

Debora is originally from Brazil, where she was raised in a loving family environment, frequently embarking on beach adventures and immersed in the vibrant world of tropical fashion. Fashion has always been her passion. She has explored various positions in high-end jewelry retail but never found the right fit. Now residing in South Florida, she established DG ARMOIRE to fill a niche she identified in the market: providing stylish, affordable jewelry in the US. Debora takes great joy in offering elegant jewelry that enhances confidence for every #selfie.

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