Modulos Necklace

Cor: Rhodium/ Metalized Druze
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Have you ever imagined letting design lead you to a colorful and playful universe, where art completes us? Life is not a game, but it is worth believing that we can make everything fall into place.
As well as the Maria Dolores Modules Necklace, a choker that is a unique piece, but composed of two necklaces plated in gold or black rhodium. The shorter necklace has the shape of a choker, with a delicate chain of very thin links, to give movement to the front part that brings a more rigid rim as a pendant, with the metal pieces in the shape of blocks, mixed with the blocks of Metallized Druze. The longer necklace is formed only by a chain of small, delicate links and a wider block-shaped pendant in Metallized Druze and a metal detail on the side that frames the stone. A versatile piece, since it can be used in the full or separate version, thus creating numerous combinations and mix with other Maria Dolores collections, a perfect bet to take advantage of the trend of jewelry with textures and the shine of the Metallic Druses.


  • Stone: Druze Metallized
  • Larger collar chain: 43cm
  • Larger necklace pendant: 2.0 x 0.8cm
  • Smaller collar chain: 38cm
  • Smaller necklace pendant: 8.4cm x 0.9cm
  • Extenders: 0.5cm each
  • Total weight: 14g
  • SKU: 2109B
  • Products are manufactured in Brazil.
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