Romantic Earrings Silver


3-in-1 ring with heart pendant, white zirconia and gold-plated arabesque leaked verse.

We already know that the rings are with everything, and with a heart pendant becomes even more stunning, because they are classics that never go out of style, transmitting a lot of feeling and emotion, the heart is a timeless piece bet on them without fear of error!

Product Details: 

🤍 Material: Rhodium Plated

🤍 Studded with high quality micro zircons

🤍 Hypoallergenic & Nickel-free


🤍 Weight: 7.8g

🤍 Height: 27mm

🤍 Width: 3mm

🤍 Pendant measurement: 14mm


🤍 Weight: 15.2g

🤍 Height: 34mm

🤍 Width: 3mm

🤍 Pendant measurement: 19mm e 20mm


🤍 Weight: 16.8g

🤍 Height: 22mm

🤍 Width: 3mm

🤍 Pendant measurement: 20mm x 22mm x 13mm

🤍 Sold a pair

🤍 SKU: BR4950/BR4951/BR4952


*Colors may vary by screen type; the measurements and weight are approximately.

Available in

Large, Medium, Small


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