About us

You were founded by Brazilian entrepreneur Debora Guimaraes, passionate about fashion and entrepreneurship. DG ARMOIRE brings pieces that make you feel luxurious, sexy, daring, and stylish without worrying about the price—connecting you with the latest trends so you can shine!

DG ARMOIRE is a jewelry and fashion accessories brand born in 2021 in the USA. More than jewelry, we believe in each piece’s power to raise a woman’s self-esteem. What you wear as jewelry says about your personality. This brand comes with essence, elegance, and quality, describing DG ARMOIRE.

“Wear it, love it, and wear it again!”

Most of our handmade pieces are produced in Brazil, using 1000 sterling silver or 24K gold high polishing for maximum brightness along with Brass. We use the highest quality materials available to us, so you can find nickel-free parts that are hypoallergenic. Our pieces are made using the best sealants, resulting in much more durable plated jewelry.


Bring charm and beauty to women's lives through our differentiated pieces, quality, and innovation in line with fashion trends. We are inspiring our customers through elegance, delicacy, and differentiated service.


We aim to achieve a good reputation in the market and be considered a benchmark brand.


The brand is committed to acting with ethics, honesty, and professionalism. We are focusing on customer satisfaction, excellence, and differentiated service. Commitment to customers, staff, partners, and suppliers.